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Scott Douglas

I'm a writer. And I believe that you write about what you know. Experience is sometimes the best laid plan


Drinking Too Much: When to Stop the Party

Let’s be honest, we all have delved into the party scene at certain points of [...]

Experimenting with Drugs in College: Consider the Consequences

I’m sure you all know about South Park. I’m sure many of you have seen [...]

Understanding College Dating: Starting With a Kiss

Have you ever been out , you see another person that you know and you [...]

Making Sex Safe: Birth Control, Anyone?

You know how the movies and television make sex out to be this great thing. [...]

How to Find The Balance Between Love and Obsession

Obsession versus love Have you ever met someone and it was in instant connection right [...]

Friendship Advice: Getting Rid of Toxic Friends

I think it’s fairly safe to say that no one wants to be around toxic [...]

Roommates in College: How to Solve Our Differences

Are you beginning to dislike your college roommate? Do you think that she might be [...]

Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

A cheating boyfriend is the worst case scenario for any girl or gay man out there.

Women Maintain Independency and Men Shy Away From Them

This is an age old story, with many questions and many potential answers. Now some of the answers may be what you want to hear and some may not. The truth is that women have come a long way it all leads back to the same storyline . For the longest time men have been the one to run the show. They were the ones to run the show in business and in their home life.

Advantages to Letting the Guy Take the Lead

We hear so much about women wanting to be on their own and taking care of themselves, but at what point does it become a turn-off to a guy? Could it be that women are so focused on being their own person that they lose sight of the bigger picture? I heard a woman complaining the other day that this guy she went out with wouldn’t hold her hand or give her flowers or anything of that nature.

Should the Honeymoon Period Never End?

When you get married and/or committed to the man of your dreams as women we dream of the perfect honeymoon . The sky is the limit, so to speak. The perfect setting and that perfect time to get away. In fact, so many of us dwell so much on the honeymoon and the wedding that we forget about the relationship itself.

What Are the Imperfections Trying to Tell Us?

When things are going great, we are elated and so satisfied with ourselves. We think we are invincible and that nothing can tear us down. But than something happens and than our perfect little world is blown to the contents are scattered to the winds. Once that happens we begin to feel agony and defeat.


Scott Douglas

My name is Scott and I could bore you with a blow by blow description of my background, history, and what has happened to me, But for me that s no longer a prioirty. My priorities are a bit different now.

I have foundmy voice and continue to do so everyday and now it's time for me to pass the torch on. It's time for me to be a voice and inspiration to others.



  • Passion and gift for writing.
  • personal experiences
  • life experiences
  • knowledgeable of many things
  • ability to read people